Amid Russia-Ukraine War, Boris Johnson Says Donald Trump ‘Could Be Just What The World Needs’ In Eyebrow-raising Column

Former U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson has publicly endorsed Donald Trump’s return to the White House, suggesting it could be a crucial development for the world.

In his column for the Daily Mail on Friday, Johnson emphasized that Trump’s leadership, particularly if focused on supporting Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, could bring about a significantly positive impact globally.

“If you look at the facts, you can actually make a case — and I may as well make it now — that a Trump presidency could be just what the world needs,” he wrote.

Yet, Trump has historically wavered on continued U.S. support for Kyiv and publicly boasted about his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, The Guardian reported.

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Still, Johnson wrote that he remains optimistic, countering skepticism by expressing his belief that Trump could escalate support for Ukraine, thereby fortifying the Western alliance and contributing to global stability.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, acknowledging Trump’s frontrunner status for the Republican nomination, recently extended an invitation for him to visit Kyiv. In a Channel 4 News interview, Zelenskiy remarked, “Yes please, Donald Trump – I invite you to Ukraine,” as reported by The Guardian. Zelenskiy expressed hope that Trump’s intervention could halt the war within 24 hours.

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Addressing the concerns of the “global wokerati” at Davos, Johnson argued in his column that this group fears a Trump victory. Despite Trump facing legal challenges with 91 felony charges, Johnson stressed the need for a U.S. leader with a willingness to use force and unpredictability as a deterrent to Western adversaries.

Notably, Johnson highlighted Trump’s interest in establishing “a proper free trade deal” with Britain. This revelation follows the abandonment of hopes for a comprehensive trade agreement last year.

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